[ACCEPTED] application

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[ACCEPTED] application

Post by Fanatico on Sun Sep 27, 2015 10:59 pm

-. Real name?:Nemanja
-. In-Game name?:Fanatico
-. Your age?:16
-. Your Country ?:Bosnia and Herzegovina
-. languages ?:Serbian/Bossnian/,English
-. Gender (Male or Female)?:Male
-. Your Xfire Or Skype ID?:i don't have it ._.
-Why do you want to join k2s?:Because i was invited by Craddy and because i want to help this clan in winning,dominating etc.
-. You play with Other Clans?:No
-. Previous Clans:?I got no previous clans.
-.Friends in the clan?Craddy i guess
-. Your FPS Natural?Around 130-140 in DM
-. Are you active?:Yes
-.How long have you been playing SA-MP?Idk, around 2 years maybe
-.Can you use the right anti cheat?Yes
-. Have you ever been banned from the anti cheat?No
-. You can make videos (Frapsing)?Well i guess i can
-.Your Skills?:Well in lagshot i wouldn't say more than 6-7, but in skin around 8-9
[C-Bug:  /10];8-9
[Deagle:  /10];8
[Shotgun:  /10];
[Sniper:  /10];8
[M4:  /10];8
[Spas:  /10];8


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Re: [ACCEPTED] application

Post by Craddy_ on Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:07 pm

Pa tek sam skuzim da si nas xD



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